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Eating out in Norfolk and Norwich

In Norwich, Norfolk you can dine out on English, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Greek, French, Italian, Moroccan and even Russian food. Being by the coast means seafood is plentiful, so make sure you try one of Norfolk's specialities such as Samphire (seaweed) or a delicious Cromer crab. If you are looking for cheap and cheerful or a sophisticated Michelin starred restaurant, you will find that Norfolk has something to suit every taste and budget.

10 Must Eat Norfolk Foods

When you visit somewhere new it’s always great to try out their local delicacies, produce that is sourced from the region and their twist on traditional recipes. Norfolk has a wealth of fine restaurants, cafes and pubs around the county selling local fayre and many markets, shops, delicatessens and artisans selling food local to Norfolk.

Some of the best places to enjoy Vegan Food in Norwich

Across Britain more and more people are choosing vegan products and plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular. Supermarkets are stocking more vegan-friendly food and in recent years there has been a dramatic rise in consumers looking for restaurants and cafes serving vegan food and drink.

Some of the Best Places in Norwich to go for Breakfast

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, and with so many fantastic independent eateries in and around the city, there is no excuse to miss out on this essential first meal of the day. From beautiful bowls of homemade granola, freshly baked pastries and smashed avocado on toast, to eggs benedict and hangover ‘curing’ full English fry ups, they can all be found on the menu somewhere in Norwich. With so many great places from which to choose, you are spoilt for choice; here are some of the best breakfast locations in Norwich that are worthy of a visit.

Some of the best Farm Shops in Norfolk

Gone are the days when a farm shop was just a makeshift shed selling own-reared meat and surplus fruit and vegetables. Today they have become destinations, offering a wide selection of produce from many different local producers, from fruit and veg, meat, pies, fish, local honey and conserves, bread and cakes, coffee, oil, free range eggs and cheeses to local handmade crafts and locally produced beer, wine and spirits. Some have on-site restaurants and cafés, Pick Your Own fields and garden centres and plant sales.

A look at some of Norfolk's finest bakeries

Gone are the days of a bakery in every village, today they are few and far between, not helped by the increasing number of in-store bakeries in many supermarkets. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked breads, sweet sticky cakes and warm pies and sausage rolls, and the following Norfolk bakeries sell their own unique and delicious varieties.

Some of the best places to go for a carvery in Norfolk

There is nothing better than a plate piled high with succulent roasted meat, Yorkshire puddings, crispy roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and all the traditional trimmings. Norfolk has many places to indulge in a hearty roast, and the good news is, it isn’t just available on Sundays! Whatever day of the week, lunch time or evening meal, there is a delicious carvery being served somewhere in Norfolk.

Where to buy local honey in Norfolk

Honey is as old as history itself and humans have bathed in it, eaten it, traded with it and used it to help heal their wounds since records began. In Valencia a rock painting believed to date back 8000 years was discovered depicting a honey seeker collecting honey from a wild bee colony. Archaeologists found honey comb buried with the pharaohs in their tombs in Egypt and honey is repeatedly mentioned in the old testament.

Norfolk Cider Producers

Summertime is the perfect season to grab a glass of the finest apple nectar and in Norfolk there are some great cider producers. Although not just a summer tipple, when the mercury starts to rise, a glass of chilled cider always hits the spot. Lazy picnics in the park, music festivals and barbeques with friends and family have us reaching for a cold cider during the warmer months. There are many Norfolk ciders available – different styles, flavour infusions, apple varieties and strengths, the question is which ones are the best? The answer is subjective, what one person may love, another may loathe. Really the only way to decide which is the best Norfolk cider is to try them all – let the research begin!

Where to go for Delicious Ice Cream in Norfolk

The weather in the UK now is just right for ice cream and whether you prefer yours in a tub or on a waffle cone with all the trimmings, Norfolk is home to some seriously good ice cream. Choose from traditional favourites, sorbets and more obscure combinations; whatever ice cream floats your boat you are sure to be able to find somewhere in the county where it is stocked.

Sweet Shops in Norfolk

There was a time when it looked like sweet-shop favourites might disappear, as corner shops with sets of scales and shelves lined with clear jars of colourful sticky sweet treats became a thing of the past. A world without cherry lips, flying saucers, floral gums, violet creams, humbugs, toffees and chocolate limes by the quarter seemed feasible, but thanks to the wider trend for all things retro, there has been a resurgence of sweet emporiums and a renewed determination to keep those that never went away open on our high streets.

Afternoon Tea in Norfolk

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea - Henry James

Some of the best places to drink Cocktails in Norfolk

Whether you’re after a classic Cosmopolitan, a punchy Mojito, a tropical Pina Colada or something more obscure, there are some great venues in Norfolk serving some fantastic cocktails. Norwich itself is filled with pubs and bars, from contemporary cocktail bars to historic and haunted inns. According to Britain’s Pub Capitals study, Norwich is one of the pub capitals of the country and many of its pubs now serve cocktails alongside their regular menu of beer, wines and spirits.

Restaurants to visit in King's Lynn

The market town of King’s Lynn is 44 miles west of Norwich and is steeped in history and is the perfect place to stay and explore the Queen’s Sandringham Estate, which is located 8 miles from the town. Discover many historic buildings and cobbled lanes and learn about King’s Lynn maritime past, visit the town’s 2 magnificent market places and the impressive St Margaret’s Church.

Restaurants in Great Yarmouth

If you are thinking of taking a holiday, weekend break or day trip to Great Yarmouth you will no doubt want to eat out at some point during your stay. This Norfolk seaside town is one of the most populated places in Norfolk and offers all manner of cuisine, from chip stalls on the market to fine dining experiences. It is close to the Norfolk Broads, the beach and the city of Norwich and it is thought that around 5 million visitors visit this Norfolk town each year.

Norfolk Kebab Restaurants and Takeaways

The kebab is thought to have originated in the Middle East and is pieces of meat or vegetables often grilled on a long thin stick, or slices of grilled meat, or minced meat, mostly served in pitta bread. There are differing recipes and cooking methods that vary from country to country, but one thing that never changes is its popularity.

Some of the best Indian Restaurants and Takeaways in Norfolk

There are an ever-increasing number of Indian restaurants and takeaways in Norfolk, in fact you would be hard-pressed to find a Norfolk town that doesn’t have one. Indian cuisine is no longer synonymous with too many beers on a Friday night, and many once dark and dank restaurants have been replaced by quality establishments serving fine traditional Indian fayre.

Some Seriously Good Coffee and Cake in Norfolk

In Norfolk there are a vast number of establishments offering coffee and cake, but not all are worth shouting about. Here is a selection of tried and tested eateries offering some of the best coffee and cake in Norfolk.

Dog Friendly Pubs in Norfolk

Staycations have become very popular in recent years, with many people choosing to holiday in Norfolk. Attracted by its beautiful coastline, quaint market towns, the Norfolk Broads and the fine City of Norwich, there is so much to see and do in the region. If you are visiting the county or are lucky enough to live in Norfolk and have a dog, you will probably want to know some good places to eat and drink with your four-legged companion.

Some of the Best Fish and Chip Shops in Norfolk

Being by the sea, it’s no wonder Norfolk has some amazing fish and chip shops; here is a pick of some of the best in the county.

Don't Miss Norfolk and Norwich Restaurant Week 2018

Norfolk’s largest dining event is about to begin………

Gluten Free Eateries in Norfolk

1 in 100 people in the UK has coeliac disease and following a strict gluten free diet is essential; even a tiny amount of gluten could be very harmful to their health. There are also a large number of people who don’t have coeliac disease but choose to eat foods free from gluten and/or wheat for various reasons, so all restaurants and cafés really should be catering for these groups. Over the past 15 years awareness of the disease has greatly improved, with more and more people being diagnosed. Finding eateries that offer gluten free alternatives is definitely becoming easier, but there is still room for improvement.

Norfolk Breweries

Norfolk is clearly a beer loving county, with over 50 breweries at the last count. From large award-winning breweries to small microbreweries, Norfolk has them all.

Norfolk Gin Producers

Once known as ‘mother’s ruin’ gin has seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years, with gin parties, gin trains, gin advent calendars, gin afternoon teas, and gin experience days; there is even a gin hotel!

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