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Discover Norfolk's Watatunga Wildlife Reserve

Published date: August 2020

Discover Norfolk's Watatunga Wildlife Reserve

Watatunga Wildlife Reserve can be found in west Norfolk, 6 miles south of King’s Lynn, in 170 acres of woodland, grassland and lakes. Its aim is to protect endangered deer, antelope and rare birds and provides a unique environment for many species of ungulate (hoofed mammals) who live alongside birds including rare pheasants, ducks and the majestic great bustard. Visitors can learn about these creatures and how they are struggling to survive and find out how each and every one of us can play our part in ensuring these species continue to exist.

This fascinating wildlife reserve opened in Norfolk in August 2020 and was born out of a passion for endangered species and conservation and runs breeding programmes for many of their species, including the great bustard, an amazing bird which went extinct in the UK in 1832. Watatunga Wildlife Reserve seeks to highlight the plight of these often-forgotten endangered species whose plight rarely makes headline news.

Access to Watatunga Wildlife Reserve is via guided tours only and must be pre-booked online via their website. Self-catering accommodation is also available at Watatunga and those who stay are able to view the endangered deer and antelope from the grounds and can if they wish, organise private tours of the reserve. This fully accessible self-catering accommodation that overlooks the idyllic wildlife reserve offers guests the chance to fully relax and unwind.  Watch as a herd of blackbuck graze in the grassland just a few metres away or water buffalo wallow in the lake naerby.

Visit Watatunga Wildlife Reserve and see how you can be a part of conservation today for wildlife tomorrow and learn about their pioneering breeding programme.  Working in collaboration with universities and international research organisations, they are exploring how sustainable populations of these endangered species can be re-established. Each visit to Watatunga Wildlife Reserve is different, as every season brings its own highlights. From the first tentative steps of a new-born fawn to the dramatic clashes of majestic rutting stags. Observe the animals unrestricted by cages or pens as they roam free around the reserve, drinking at the lakeside, grazing on the grasslands or amongst woodland and scrub.

Discover more than twenty different ungulate species who call Watatunga Wildlife Reserve their home and listen to expert guides who will provide fascinating talks about the residents, their habitats and their homelands. A proud partner of The Great Bustard Group, Watatunga is working on a captive breeding programme for these extraordinary birds. Besides endangered birds and mammals at Watatunga, visitors can also see the protected habitat that has been created for the native flora and fauna. There are barn owl nesting boxes, oyster catcher islands and sand martin banks to encourage these popular UK birds to nest here and by planting the perimeters of the reserve with a rich mixture of wildflowers and seed mixtures, they also encourage many varieties of pollinators.

Photographers are sure to love Watatunga Wildlife Reserve, with the rare opportunity to capture exotic species such as barasingha, sitatunga or water buffalo. With private tours available for special occasions, guests can tailor their visit to suit their particular interests.

To find out more about Watatunga Wildlife Reserve, please go to their website.

Watatunga Wildlife Reserve, Watlington Road, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE33 0RG

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